We all have heard about many films where a group of criminals commit a spectacular robbery, making thorough analysis of the situation and drawing up a detailed action plan. But in real life everything is much more prosaic - law violators quite often forget about the presence of the brain inside the skull that can help you to make the thought process.


Escape on a donkey

We all know that transport is one of the most important components of a successful robbery. Fast car or a motorcycle would be an excellent option. But a gang of thieves from Colombia did not know that. They went on a "deal" with the 10-year-old donkey Xavi, who was kidnapped 12 hours before the main robbery. Everything went according to plan - three criminals robbed the store, stealing food and rum. Then they loaded their goods on a donkey, and were ready to run, but Xavi refused to "wind up". Police learned about the robbery after Xavi has started to make noise, which attracted the attention of law enforcement. Unsuccessful thieves managed to escape, leaving Xavi along with all the stolen loot.


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