Most people believe that the stories of ghosts are fabrications for naive kids. Most likely they are, but will you agree to move into a hotel, where a phantom goes in the night with a terrible roar, slams the door and breaks the dishes. Incredibly, but these hotels are very popular among the guests. Most likely they won't see the ghosts, but will get a lot of impressions, is written by

1. Akasaka Weekly Mansion

Japanese are very serious about their ghosts, and Tokyo has been home to a hero from the tales about Noppera, terrible spirit, which looks like an ordinary person as long as it hasn't approached. When the spirit sees an approaching man, it just disappears. One of the most frequented places of this spirit in Tokyo, is Akasaka Weekly Mansion, a small hotel, where guests report about frequent fog in the rooms and disembodied touches during sleep.


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